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Why Can't I Make My Own Gasoline?

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It can be done, to make refined long-chain hydrocarbons out of coal, wood, or scrap paper, what's required is willpower and intelligence.
please google: "trash to gasoline"

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Lindsay Ross manages this website, feel free to email : ,  310-892-7883, P.O.Box 66, Boron, CA 93596
This website originally concerned the restoration of a gas station-sized oil refinery, the last of what was once a common type of facility, in the town of Lusk, Wyoming.  It took oil from the field and supplied gasoline to eastern Wyoming and western Nebraska into the early 1970's.
archaeologist: Fred Chapman, , 307-766-3860  
Owner of the C & H Refinery property, site of the last operating micro-refinery in Lusk, Wyoming: Zahir Khalid , lives in Islamabad, Pakistan (time zone: add eleven hours to mountain time), fax: 011-925-128-1005

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Lusk in Wyoming state history:
photos of Lusk's micro-refinery site:
Lusk's last micro-refinery was potentially a strategic resource during World War Two, see the fifth paragraph of this article:
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Construction plans