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Wyoming Oil Micro-Refineries

The C & H Refinery in Lusk, Wyoming is a unique site in the industrial heritage of the American west.  It's the world's smallest integrated oil refinery.  Based on process apparatus built in the 1850s, the pre-dawn of the petroleum industry, it was assembled in 1933 and operated as a going concern until 1978, after America lost control of its fuel supply.  It's operable today.  It belongs to Zahir Khalid of Islamabad, Pakistan, who is president of the plant's eponymous company.  This website is unauthorized by him.  Lindsay Ross operates it in the hope that it will serve to help interested parties share information and ideas concerning the preservation of this functioning artifact of history and monument to American resourcefulness.

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Owner: Zahir Khalid , fax: 011-925-128-1005 Islamabad, Pakistan (time zone: add eleven hours to mountain time)
archaeologist: Fred Chapman, , 307-766-3860  
Feel free to contact Lindsay Ross, ,  310-892-7883, P.O.Box 66, Boron, CA 93596

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The C & H Refinery was potentially a strategic resource during World War Two, see the fifth paragraph of this article:
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C & H Refinery
402 W. 8th Street
Lusk, WY 82225
map or aerial photo of the plant's location;
by Terraserver, follow these steps:
2. Enter coordinates: longitude: -104.4575, latitude: 42.7539
3. The plant is the cluster of circular tanks on the south side of the road, next to the barns at the county fairground.
or, click this link then remove the characters "amp;" from the address:
by Google, try:,+Lusk,+WY+82225&hl=en , to see photo, select "satellite" in upper right corner
To aid search engines, it might also be known as: C and H Refinery or C&H Refinery.
cultural interpretation resources:

Construction plans